Test prop cycle dosage

Ok bro, lets think here.. ur only going to do 150 mg awk? Then going to take nova on ur cycle? Not right at all. How about u run test prop eod 150 mg (every other day) for 8 wks then 2 days after ur last shot you do your pct nova 40mg everyday for the 1st 2 wks then drop to 20g for the last 2. Wks then run your clomid at 100 mg for the 1st 2 wks then drop to 50 mg for the last 2 wks. Ah if u think ur going to get bitch tits, u might want to take adex at. 25 mg e3ds this will keep ur levels good. U can up the dose or drop the dose depending on how ur body reacts to the test.

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Test prop cycle dosage

test prop cycle dosage


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